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RETURNS: Prior to any return shipment, customer must fax a copy of RMA form listing all items to be returned. The Return Department will respond within 48 hours with the RMA number.


Prime One Technologies Return Department will determine the dollar amount of the credit to be issued. If there is any discrepancy with quantity, the credit will be based on the actual count of the product received. No package is to be over 40 lbs. Customer must have Defective product separated by SKU, and the RMA number must be written on the outside of the carton(s). All returns are subject to inspection and company approval. Allow 2 weeks for the Return Department to process returns. RMA NUMBERS WILL EXPIRE AFTER 30 DAYS.

DEFECTIVE PRODUCT: Customer must specify every item being returned. If the customer has a large quantity of one item that is defective, the Quality Control Department may ask for samples to check before the RMA# is issued. This will be sent at the customer’s expense.

ORDER ERRORS: In the event of an ordering error, the customer has two weeks from the purchase date to notify Prime One Technologies. Failure to notify Prime One Technologies within the established timelines will result in refusal of the return or a 25% restocking fee.

WARRANTY: Warranty policy does not cover abuse, misuse, consequential damages, repairs not performed by a Prime One Technician, improper installation, product with serial numbers or labels removed or altered, product missing parts or normal wear and tear. Such defective products will be returned at the customer’s expense. All warranty items will be credited at the lowest price paid by the customer. No stock balancing will be accepted.

NO PRICE PROTECTION: Promotional pricing is only available during the promotion timeframe. Any product purchased prior to or after promotional period will be charged at price point available on the day order was placed. Due to variable cost, prices are subject to change at the discretion of Prime One Technologies.

SORT RETURNS BY CATEGORY: We cannot accept returns unless they are sorted and separated by product category. If customer requests that Prime One sort returns, there will be a 25% restocking and sorting fee for all products. This will be deducted from RMA credit total.

RETURN OF NON-Prime One Technologies PRODUCT: There will be no credit issued for these products and the product will be disposed of. If a customer continuously sends Non-Prime One Technologies product, an automatic restocking fee will be charged on every return.

The following product categories have a 1-year Warranty covering all manufacturer defects. Customer misuse or normal wear and tear is not covered: Prime One Car Chargers, Cases/Pouches, Aftermarket Wall Chargers, Aftermarket Batteries, Silicone Skins, Shield Covers, Hands free Ear Buds, Memory Cards, ARMOR Cases, OEM Car Chargers and Travel Chargers.

Prime One Technologies BLUETOOTH RETURN POLICY: All Bluetooth’s are subject to a 1 year manufactures warranty. Please see below for warranty procedures.

Jabra: Defective items can be returned to Prime One Technologies for up to 1 year

Motorola: No returns. Consumer should return defective pieces directly to Motorola.

BlueAnt: No returns. Consumer should return defective pieces directly to BlueAnt.

Jawbone: No returns. Consumer should return defective pieces directly to Jawbone.

Note: All Bluetooths not mentioned above must be returned directly to the manufacturer. All Bluetooth products must contain all accompanying accessories (i.e. chargers, clips, manuals etc…) upon return.

Return Reminders:
· RMA # will expire within 30 Days
· RMA # must be written on outside of box/carton
· RMA form available in the CUSTOMER SERVICE section of the website
· All returns subject to inspection and company approval
· Allow 2 weeks for processing

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